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The Fifth Foot Foundation is designed to address (but not limited to) 3 specific areas of community need.

Youth Athletics and Activities

The imagination of too many youth today is confined by the physical boundaries of their neighborhood.  The main goal of the Fifth Foot Foundation is to give children the opportunity to gain experiences beyond what’s considered to be the usual limitations.  We believe that the more diverse a child’s experiences, the more informed he or she will be in making sound decisions with their future.


Voter Registration

Every Vote Counts! Everyone has an opinion, and in order for your opinion to be heard by the government, YOU MUST VOTE! The Fifth Foot Foundation is dedicated to registering as many people to vote as possible, so that our voices will continue to be heard for years to come.

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Scholarship Fund

The college experience is one that can positively change one’s life forever!  The chance to grow academically, socially, emotionally and professionally can be explored on the campuses of higher education throughout the world.  The Fifth Foot Foundation is dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams through higher education by relieving some of the financial burden of college tuition


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